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Questions & Answers

How does work?

    Jumperpich is a platform for everyone to view and download Jumperpich's mixes for free. A sharing system, represented by the Share icon, allows you to share a mix on your Facebook newsfeed.

Who can post mixes?

    Only the administrator, here Jumperpich. However the site is fully visitable by everyone.

Are the Mixes moderate / edited?

    Mixes posted are subject to verification by me before publication.

How is funded?

    Jumperpich is entirely financed from my pocket. No amount of money is required from visitors. The passion of sharing above all :)

How does Jumperpich work with his partners?

    I have no partners strictly speaking. The composers can send me their tracks so that I play them. However, if the sounds do not suit me, I have no obligation to play them.

How are the tracks proposed by partners different from self-promotion?

    The tracks proposed directly by the composers are evaluated and filtered by me.

Can we know which composers are affiliated?

    No, simply because I want to maintain my neutrality. However a link to their social networks will be regularly present in the set description.

Are there any equivalents to in other countries?

    Yes of course ! I'm not the only one to offer this kind of platform.But there is only one Jumperpich's site .

Need to register ?

    You can visit all content on the site without registering. In addition, I regularly develop new features for visitors: alert creation, notifications, ability to follow other members and contact them via email Private ... Everything will be done so that members can customize their experience on the site.

Will the registration have a cost?

    No. The creation of an account on the site and the use of all functionalities is and will remain completely free.

What is the "Most Popular" and "Most Viewed" tab on the homepage?

    The "Most Popular" and "Most Visited" page is the entry point for new users as it is the default home page. Its main objective is to offer content from quality and diverse to match the largest number of people. The contents of the "Most Popular" and "Most Viewed" pages are generated automatically. For this reason, it is possible that some of the mixes put forward are oriented by a number of increased visits of certain pages.

Where to find all the Mixes of a single style?

    For most styles, a page has been created that brings together all Mixes which is concerned . You can also access a specific style in several ways: Via the menu, selecting a Mix displayed among the most popular, or in clicking on "View All" to display the complete list.

How can I contact Jumperpich ?

    You can address all your questions and requests for information directly via the contact form of the site. If you want to give me feedback on a malfunction or a bug on the site, Do not hesitate to contact me